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Best OEE Software:
A 2021 Review

This is your guide to the top OEE software solutions of 2021. Find out which solution is going to be the best for your business by comparing 6 of the top solutions, generated from hours of research. Based on our research, see how the OEE software solutions stack up against one another and see their individual profiles for more in-depth review.

1. Real-time OEE

2. Manual assembly tracking

3. Eliminate manual reporting

4. Data visualization

5. Process data

6. Customizable dashboards

7. Downtime tracking

8. Automatic reporting 

9. Production scheduling

10. Operator tracking

11. Sensors included

12. Mobile app

Logo Worximity.png

SensrTrx is a complete solution offering easy to use, fast to deploy OEE software with real-time data collection, OEE calculations, and actionable insights.


Vorne XL  monitors and reports OEE of any manufacturing process. XL is installed on 25,000+ processes across 45 countries on almost every type of manufacturing process.


Tulip helps manufacturers create front-end applications that guide operators, collect data from workers, machines, and devices, and track metrics against your KPIs. 

Logo Worximity.png

Worximity creates Industry 4.0 solutions with a cloud-based, real-time production data monitoring system, aimed at helping manufacturers improve profitability.

Evocon is simple and easy to use OEE software that helps manufacturing companies manage and improve their production efficiency. 

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Redzone is an automated, real-time OEE monitoring solution,  but also adds actionable data to improve output, quality and downtime.

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